Cyprus is an attractive place to invest in immovable property. Cyprus laws provide the owners with a safe legal framework in which to own and dispose of property freely.


Any transaction relating to the acquisition of property in Cyprus requires some mandatory steps as shown below:

  • application to the Council of Ministers for approval of a transaction (required for non-EU citizens only)
  • approval and signing of a contract of sale
  • registration of contract at the District Land Registry for the purpose of safeguarding the purchaser's interest
  • transfer of a title deed to the new owner.


There are some special requirements as well as special advantages to foreigners.


POLYMAGE CONSULTING is in a position to provide clients with professional advice on entering into an agreement to purchase immovable property in Cyprus as well as with effective assistance at every step of a transaction in order to protect the client’s interests.


Detailed brochure of legal aspects of immovable property transaction in Cyprus is available on request.