POLYMAGE CONSULTING provides clients with integrated business solutions, such as provision of companies with bank accounts opened and ready to use. Such bank accounts can be opened with various types of national currencies freely. Normally the bank account opening procedure in Cyprus banks takes one working day only.



Standard spectrum of banking and finance transactions includes but is not limited to:

  • preparation of a set of documents required, filling in bank forms and opening of  bank accounts
  • arrangements required to provide a client with e-Banking access
  • confidential delivery of access to the bank account directly to the client
  • collection of bank statements and related documents; correspondence with the bank
  • liaison with at the bank to assist with client’s transactions
  • arrangements to effect domestic and cross-border loan and security transactions
  • drafting of loan documentation for single-lender and syndicated loans
  • drafting of security documentation including charges over assets and undertakings of companies, debentures, pledges of share certificates, security assignments of rights etc.
  • re-structuring of existing loans and collateral with bank
  • re-structuring, novation and re-financing of existing debts
  • financing of international trade, issuance of Letters of Credit, drafting of contracts and related documents
  • assistance in respect of project financing and finance leasing
  • assistance with indemnities and guarantees granted to the bank
  • due diligence of deals, corporate documents, contracts, securities and charges
  • legal opinions and legal due diligence reports